Our look books are 
about  community.
Real people
with real style
who do interesting things.
We don't care 
what size you are
what color you are
what style you have.
Just have style
and something going on.
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And by the way
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Three by designer and illustrator Erin Cadigan was started in the summer

of 1997. That summer Erin made a hundred shirts printed with the design

of an alien sitting like a Buddha over the earth and moon with the words

"i believe". She sold them while traveling around the country, seeing live

music and living in her van. The brand has grown slowly and

organically over the past two decades. Each year while traveling

Erin would release a new limited edition shirt. Every design was based on

reading Erin did about science, religion, cultures and aliens.

Every design had a meaning.


In spring 2011 THREE Erin Cadigan became an incorporated brand

launching it's first full line for men and women.

Designs remain limited edition.