Our look books are 
about  community.
Real people
with real style
who do interesting things.
We don't care 
what size you are
what color you are
what style you have.
Just have style
and something going on.
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Erin graduated in 1996 with a BFA in illustration and printmaking from UArts is Philadelphia. After years on the road selling tshirts and art out of her van at rock concerts and music festivals, she went back to school and recieved a post graduate degree in Fashion Design. Erin worked in the industry designing for 6 years, working with small independant contemporary designers and as head designer for a firm doing private label for many major stores. Tired of the environmental waste and uglier end of working with large chains, Erin quit her job. She is currently a fashion professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, is authoring a textbook on Textile for Fashion, designing THREE Erin Cadigan and participating in live painting events.

Erin has traveled extensively. Currently her travels stand at fourty eight states, twenty two countries and five continents but she is constantly updating the list. She still travels to concerts and festivals selling her work direct to the public.