Our look books are 
about  community.
Real people
with real style
who do interesting things.
We don't care 
what size you are
what color you are
what style you have.
Just have style
and something going on.
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And by the way
you get money, schwag
and a link on the site.

THREE Erin Cadigan is a sustainable company.

We employ enviromental methods and socially responsible practices.

We require information and certification on both

from our entire supply chain.

We create our own recycled and recyclable tags and packaging.



To use art as a vehicle for knowledge, expanding minds through contact with our company.


To respect all cultures, religions and scientific theories that inspire our line and at all times try to represent the original intent while allowing others to draw their own conclusions.

To utilize the most enviromental and socially responsible materials and methods in the creation of our products.

To continually push the boundaries of creative design, presenting our customers with an amazing and unique product.

To remain open to all ideas that contradict our own.